Does Your Asphalt Driveway Need To Be Repaved? 3 Telltale Signs It Does

A well-maintained asphalt driveway increases the curb appeal of any home. Unfortunately, asphalt does not last forever. Eventually, your driveway may begin to show its age; and that can be harmful to your curb appeal and home value. Although most driveway issues can be repaired, some are more serious—and your driveway may need to be replaced altogether.

If you have been wondering about the state of your driveway, look no further. Here are three telltale signs that your asphalt driveway needs repaving:

1. It Has Cracks and Potholes

A single, small, crack is nothing of concern. It can usually be fixed with a patch kit and a new coating of sealant. However, if you have multiple cracks, your driveway may need to be repaved. In addition, a very large or deep crack may also signify that it is time to repave your driveway. Cracks can be very problematic, especially in cold-weather climates that receive a lot of rainfall, snow, or ice.

Potholes or deep ruts are another sign that your driveway is in a state of disrepair. While you can fill in these holes, the filling will only be temporary. Potholes and ruts are often too deep to fill properly. In addition, filling in these holes temporarily can lead to an uneven surface, which can cause additional issues in the future.

2. It Looks Old

If your driveway is beginning show signs of aging, it is usually better to repave it. While repairs may help to improve the functionality of the asphalt, it will not fix the appearance of it. An old driveway might look dull and weathered. It might also appear to have alligator like scales caused by sealants over the years. While your old driveway may do its job just fine, its appearance may decrease the curb appeal—and value—of your home.

3. It Shows Signs of Erosion

Another sign that your driveway needs to be repaved is erosion. You might notice that the driveway seems to be crumbling apart. It might also appear to be getting smaller or more fragile. All of these are clear signs of erosion and they cannot be fixed, so repave as soon as possible.

Knowing when to repave your driveway can save you a lot of money, especially if you are one to fix small issues. If you notice any of these telltale signs, call an asphalt contractor immediately to discuss having your driveway repaved.

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